Solo COncert 2014

La Mama ETC Annex

This is an introduction of Miki Orihara
the video consists of some interviews and clips from her first solo concert in New York, 2014. 

This program explores the continuity and lineage between modern dance and contemporary dance, as a new generation of artists begins to create work and inspire the next phase of modern dance. Orihara performs the work of various choreographers, both re-staged and new, including: Martha Graham, José Limón, Martha Clarke, Miki Orihara and Adam Barruch, with a new score by Senri Oe.

- Video & Stage Staff Credit
Director+Cam+Edit : Tomoko Mikanagi
Producer : Hidetaka Ino
Camera Assistant : Antonia Miranda
Stage Manager : Maxine Glorsky 
Lighting Designer: Clifton Taylor
Music : Senri Oe
Sound Recording : Takaaki Ando
Production : augment5 Inc.

(Special Thanks)
Stephen Pier
Peace (Lovely Partner of Senri Oe)

- Interviews from
Miki Orihara
Janet Eilber (Artistic Director of the Martha Graham)
Adam Barruch (Choreographer , Dancer)

- about first solo concert
"Resonance-共鳴-" Miki Orihara solo concert
May,7-11,2014@LA MAMA E.T.C.