Architectural Consulting

DesignCurve provides planning services for all kinds of public assembly facilities; theatres, studios, concert halls, amphitheatres and flexible 'black box' spaces.   We partner with architects and acousticians in the development and design of lighting, audio, rigging and architectural shaping of theatrical spaces. All our work is carefully tailored to our client's needs and budget at any phase of development. 

The architectural and theatrical requirements of events that may be expected to take place in a theatre can vary widely.  Arrangements and equipment that are ideal for one use may be quite unsuitable for another.  We understand that a new performance space may be expected to do many things, from acoustic music to broadway type shows to corporate events and have experience in designing spaces to accommodate these projected uses.  

In our practice, we have developed a base of knowledge and a range of techniques appropriate to planning theatres from black box to multi-space performing arts centers, with both private and government clients.  In all cases, the goal is the same: Identify what is to be done in the space and assist the Architect to design the appropriate physical plant for it.

Program development will provide preliminary answers to a number of questions, including the one above; what is the theatre for?   DesignCurve helps our clients discover that answer.  We lead intensive on-site sessions, with all the potential users and stake-holders assembled to hammer out a prioritized program of event types to be served, audience size needed, etc. before embarking on the design process.

Recent Projects:

  • Currently in build process for the new 2000 seat Gabriela Mistral Center in Santiago de Chile. A publicly funded new construction. With Architectural firm: Christian Fernandez Arquitects. This will open in 2017. 
  • Opened Teatro del Lago in Frutillar, Southern Chile in 2010. Teatro del Lago is the southern-most opera house on the planet, a purpose built privately funded 1400 seat performing arts center built for acoustic concerts and theatrical presentations.